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YQ Matrix

Hi, I am James and I am responsible to support you during your search on the YQ Matrix website platform ( You will find some examples of creative sourcing and price graphs on the following page: If the product you are looking for is not available on this page, don't worry! Enter the YQ Matrix by creating your login, search for your products in your "Personal databox" and create your own graphs in your Personal databox. The YQ Matrix is one of the most dynamic graph tools on the market. The days that you needed to accept a "static" sourcing or price graph are definitively over. Join the YQ Matrix and experience for yourself the dynamic graphs as well as their automatic updates. No need anymore to make new excel sheets every time again. If you feel you still need a benchmark versus the prices of the YQ Matrix, you will be delighted! You will find a single page summary of all website links that refer to prices that we found on other internet sites: All these links are accessible free of charge. We made a similar summary page for all indexes we found on the internet: You will not only find product prices there, but also prices and indexes of services, electricty and transport rates. Try it out! You have nothing to loose! We are convinced that the sourcing graphs that you can develop in your personal databox showing the emerging, main and cheapest supply markets are the most unique on the market. Also the procurement performance measurement tools measuring the price gap and the price gap evolution versus market are one of the most innovative in procurement and supply chain. We wish you good luck in your search and do not hesitate to ask for my support on [email protected]

My main objective is to guide you through the YQ Matrix. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you face any problems or you do not find what you are looking for. My e-mail address: [email protected]  

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Creative Procurement and Supply Chain. YQ Matrix (

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